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Gun Safety

‘Smart Guns’ That Can Only Be Fired By Their Rightful Owners Might Hit U.S. Stores Soon

“Smart guns” have technology that can recognize the fingerprint or grip of an authorized owner and guarantee that they’re the only person able to fire weapon. They’ve been around for a while, but haven’t been made commercially available in the U.S. due to opposition from gun advocates.

How Obama's edict will resurrect smart guns

For two decades, smart gun technology has advanced in fits and starts as wary investors kept purse strings tight and gun rights proponents at times fought its uptake. President Barack Obama's impassioned speech this week on gun control, however, could give the smart gun industry a boost; he called for smart gun R&D funding and opened up the U.S. government as a potential market for its adoption.

Jeffries, Stringer push for ‘smart guns’ for NYPD

U.S. Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer and the Metro Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF) on Monday called on Mayor Bill de Blasio to use the city’s purchasing power to push gun manufacturers to create high-tech “smart guns” for the NYPD.

Stringer: City Should Demand Gun Manufacturers Produce Smart Guns

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer on Monday was urging the city to consider demanding gun manufacturers to produce more smart guns. Stringer said that besides the federal government, the New York City is one of the largest gun buyers in the country, WCBS 880’s Peter Haskell reported. Stringer said that the city should use its economic influence to help shift the market into producing more smart guns, which is believed to a safer option for gun use.

Stringer and Jeffries Call on NYPD to Invest in ‘Smart Guns’

Comptroller Scott Stringer and Congressman Hakeem Jeffries urged City Hall today to add so-called “smart guns” to the list of approved weapons for NYPD officers—which they said would spur gun manufacturers to finally develop better safety technology to meet the demand.

Top pols urge Mayor de Blasio to invest city’s money in smart guns for the NYPD

Two top pols want to see NYPD cops carrying smart guns. Controller Scott Stringer and Rep. Hakeem Jeffries pushed Mayor de Blasio Monday to use the city’s purchasing power to push gun manufacturers to make smart guns, ordering up a weapon to put on the NYPD’s approved firearms list.

Gun ex-con used to shoot two cops in Bronx was purchased in Tennessee by different man, who listed fake address

The gun used by an ex-con to shoot two cops in the Bronx was purchased in Tennessee by a different man who said he lived there but was later found to be living in the Bronx, police sources said Friday.

Obama considers executive action on gun control: What steps could he take?

After three school shootings in three weeks, the Obama administration is looking at executive orders that would toughen both the sale of and access to guns. Would it work?

View: We can do more on guns

When President Obama lamented the sad state of affairs after the shooting rampage in Oregon, many wrung their hands with him. Yet there is something we can do and something the president can do – right now....

Renewed push for smart guns could trigger a new furor over the technology

After vehement protests helped block the nation’s first smart gun from entering the marketplace, proponents of the technology are gearing up for another fight, intent on capitalizing on renewed interest in gun safety after a spate of high-profile shootings.